At Danielle Zino  we enjoy designing with you,  your one of a kind bespoke piece.   With your inspiration, our ideas and a collaborative approach, together we will redesign your old pieces of jewelry or create new ones with our designers. We work closely with our clients to create individually custom unique engagement rings, diamond earrings , wedding bands and other pieces of fine jewelry.


Step 1

When creating a piece, we take over 3-4 measurements to provide the most precise fit possible.


Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 8.38.46 PM.png

step 4

Then we create a CAD design and renderings for you to see your piece come to life.


step 2

We select together the jewelry material we want to use, together with the diamond color, clarity and shape.


Danielle zino engagement ring

step 5

Renderings - when a piece comes to life in a computer aided design.


step 3

We start with a drawing, to get an idea of the piece you have in mind.


Danielle zino engagement ring at work

step 6

We then buy the highest quality materials according to the budget and design and put it all together to make your dream piece of jewelry.


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