meet Danielle zino

Danielle is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America.  She is passionately motivated by her love for art, fashion, beauty, and perfection. Having had the chance to work and live in places such as Hong Kong, New York, Antwerp and Johannesburg has given Danielle insights into the secret world of precious gems and high end luxury jewelry.

The designs she creates are crafted of the highest-quality alloys of 18 carat gold and the finest diamonds from ethically responsible sources. Emphasis is placed on uncompromising quality, showcasing the special nature and characteristics of every item she creates. Her jewelry designs are luxurious, streamlined, classic, and at the same time, sophisticated.

Her vision is that the function of jewelry is to compliment the natural beauty of women, and enhance the overall look to combine functionality and beauty, and at the same time, enrich a woman’s persona with a soft and delicate touch. Guided by this vision, Danielle has developed a special collection, inspired by nature, with unique designs echoing the molecular structures found in nature, that render her unique pieces a modern elegant look that enhances the natural beauty of women.

Her fascination with science and nature, led her to investigate the chemistry behind gold.
Fascinated by the molecular structure Danielle studied the chemical bonds from which the structure was formed, subsequently reforming the atoms into unique pieces of jewelry.

Danielle’s aim is for women who wear her luxury jewelry to feel that these items form a natural part of their appearance, adding a touch of luxury, beauty, and grace.

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